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Message from GURUDEV

Om Ganeshaya Namaha, Om Muneshwaraya Namaha, Om Shivaya Namaha, Om Rudraya Namaha, Om Narayanaya Namaha, Om Maha Kaliye Namaha, Om Namo Bhagavathye Saranam Saranam Saranam

Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram

Request for all People “ Any Person who ever comes to my Website, please go thru completely and choose correctly your necessary needs like - the type of your Problem or the type of Service you need from me and send me a Message thru the contact form or via my Email Id. I will respond to you as early as possible.”

To all People “ I am not God to solve all Problems to any one in one day, even God himself might not be possible to do it to anyone, let us be realistic, I am here basically for the people, to help them to come out of their Problems to a certain extent which may not be 100% or some times even 100% also or it may be 90% or 80% or even 70% depending on each individuals it may vary but I will try for 100% & again it depends on various factors”.

Kindly Note “ All & any Type of Service from this Website does not use any kind of Black Magic activities, Witchcraft or Voodo practices. And even no kind of any Animal Sacrifice is entertained in our Poojas, only Praying is been done to Goddess Bhagavathy and Lord Rudra “.

My Mission is to help people to solve their Problems as much as possible to a certain extent.

Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram

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